Sunday, February 28, 2010

Place and Food

Food and place are inextricably linked.

There are so many advantages to eating healthy and local, and I am not going in to all of them in this space. What I want to focus on is the link between our connection to food and our connection to place. By maintaining a connection to local food, we maintain our connection to the place in which it is grown, prepared, and consumed. We begin to learn about the ecology of our location: what grows here, what is in season, who grows it, the cultural forces that evolved in this place how they have influenced local food traditions.

Edible Wow is a local quarterly (seasonal) publication focusing on the foodshed of Southeast Michigan. It is available free at select locations, including several farmer's markets, restaurants, and breweries. Topics ranging from recipes to canning to local restaurant cuisine to urban and community-supported agriculture are covered with skill and beautiful photography.

I plan to revisit this topic many times as it is so integral and important to the mission of Place.

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